Is Driveway Replacement Right for You?

Concrete driveways in Tulsa generally endure for 20-40 years. However, several variables can influence its longevity, including the weather and the concrete mix. Make sure the installation was done well and that you maintain it properly.

If you’re considering replacing your concrete driveway, two indications help you determine. One, if the lifespan of your driveway has decreased, it’s probably time for a replacement. Two, if the concrete begins to flake or crumble, it is an indication that it is time for a replacement.

Here are the 3 main circumstances to replace your driveway in Tulsa:

1. Drainage Issues and Sinking Concrete

When particular parts of your concrete driveway are sinking, it’s time to replace it. Drainage problems typically cause this.

If the water drains down a hill towards the street or a gutter, there are no drainage issues. If you have any cracks in the driveway, the water will not be able to flow away adequately. This might cause the driveway’s foundation to erode. When this happens, the driveway surface may sink.

If your concrete driveway in Tulsa is sinking, you can try to repair it by putting substances below the surface. This might be pricey, and sometimes it doesn’t work. If the concrete surface is old or defective, replacing it may be better.

2. Potholes on Driveway

When a concrete driveway in Tulsa begins to develop pitting or potholes, it’s time to call in the professionals. This can happen for various causes, including hail damage, cars and trucks parked on it, deicing salt, and concrete deterioration over time.

Pitting and potholes may cause many issues for your concrete surface. The holes allow water to collect on the surface and make it damp. This water can also seep down into the concrete’s foundation, making it fragile.

Tulsa concrete contractors may repair potholes and other forms of damage, but they are only short-term. This means that the pitting and holes will return in time. Replacing your driveway will be the best option for long-term repairs.

When your concrete driveway displays one or more of these signs, it is time to replace it. Give us a call at Tulsa Concrete if you want to talk about your options!

3. Large Cracks

Driveways and walkways made of concrete are vulnerable to cracks. They might be induced by the subsidence of the surface or by temperature changes in extreme weather conditions. If the fissures are minor, they can be sealed or filled in. However, if the fractures are lengthy, broad, or deep, concrete contractors in Tulsa cannot heal them.

A driveway’s condition has no definitive timetable for repair. It is up to the contractor to decide if a contractor can restore a driveway based on the concrete surface’s condition and how it reacts to weather conditions.

If a contractor tells you that a mason cannot repair your driveway cracks, the only alternative is to replace them. If the fractures are not treated, they will continue to spread and might cause the concrete surface to collapse or become a tripping danger later on.

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