Is a Concrete Driveway Slippery?

Is a Concrete Driveway Slippery?

Sometimes if a contractor is inexperienced, they might pour your concrete driveway the same way they pour an interior flooring project. The problem is a slick finish on an exterior surface with high traffic, such as a driveway, is asking for an accidental slip and fall.

Here are some techniques we use to keep our Tulsa driveways safe for you and your family.

#1. Broom Finish
People have been using brooms to make concrete less slippery for a long time. Broom finishes create a surface that is good for walking on when wet or snowy outside. To finish your concrete surface, you can run a broom from one side to the other. You can also add a unique design by running the broom in different directions and creating different broom textures.

Your driveway is a great place to show your home’s style. But it’s also essential to make sure it is safe and secure. To do this, make sure the surface is slip-resistant. With different textured techniques, such as brooming, this can be accomplished.

#2. Grit Coating
To make your driveway less slippery, you can apply a concrete sealer and a polymer grit. You will put the sealer on the surface, and then You or a contractor will add the grit. It is important to spread it out evenly over the entire area. You need to add texture to the sealer before it dries. You can do this by sweeping over it with a broom. We recommend applying the sealer and grit every few years for the most effective results.

Another option for creating a textured surface is to use a textured acrylic coating. It can add a new color and prevent a slipper surface to your existing slab. These coatings are made just for driveways and bring excellent traction.

Adding texture can help, but it is best to replace your driveway and inquire about a broom finish if you already have significant cracking. This way, we can make sure the base material is of good quality, and the slab is thick enough for your purposes.

#3. Some tips to make sure you don’t slip on your concrete driveway

  • Sweep the driveway often
  • Add outdoor lighting along with the high traffic areas for safety after dark.
  • Move any children’s toys or dangerous potential trip risks.
  • If the slab is lifting, call a contractor before someone falls and injures themselves

A smooth concrete driveway can make your home look nicer. But if it is not safe, it can be a problem. When it rains in the spring or snows in the winter, slippery surfaces can be perilous. You can make your driveway safer by increasing its traction. This will help people from slipping and getting injured. Your driveway will also be better able to stand up to bad weather. Call us to ensure your driveway is up to par and safe for your family.

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