Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

Top Benefits of a Concrete Driveway in Tulsa

For decades, concrete has been a prevalent driveway material for good reason. There are many advantages to having a concrete driveway that it’s difficult not to appreciate. It is a very sturdy and robust material. It can easily support the weight of even the heaviest vehicle, and weather conditions are irrelevant. Concrete may endure both frigid Tulsa winters and our scorching summer months. Concrete is a stunning architectural material with many design possibilities, including coloring, texturing, stamps, and patterns. It also works in any style, from an old-fashioned Colonial home to a modern house. Concrete is less expensive than most other driveway materials except tar, gravel, or dirt. In situations where concrete is the more expensive, its low-cost maintenance will save you money and hassle down the line.

Why wouldn’t everyone use concrete, with all of its advantages? There are pros and cons to all driveway materials. Read on to see the benefits and flaws in the following section.

What is Used to Build a Concrete Driveway?

Concrete is a mixture of stone, water, lime, and Portland cement. The cement in this powder is produced from limestone and clay. The mixture is a complex combination to make therefore, its strength varies per mix. A building plan will probably indicate that 4000 psi concrete is required. This means that the material has 4000 pounds of force per square foot. 

The size of the stones in your concrete mixture may be varied to suit the intended usage of the finished product. The standard driveway consists of rocks about 1 inch long and roughly half an inch thick. In gravel, smaller rocks or even sands might be used for finer work and a smoother finish. When you use less stone, you have less strength.

The typical mixture for a driveway slab consists of stones ranging from gravel to sand-sized particles. Other things can be added to the concrete mix, such as fibers, wire, or rebar, which are meant to enhance the slabs’ strength. You may also add color into the mix using dye.

A thin top coat of texturing material may be applied to the slab after smoothes but before it hardens. The texture gives the slab a sandy feel, which can make it less slippery when wet.

Home Value Potential

The look of your home’s curb appeal and value is influenced by the design and material of your driveway. However, are they worth the extra cash compared to cheaper alternatives such as gravel or asphalt? The most effective thing you can do for your house is to install a concrete driveway.

In Tulsa, asphalt is considered a high-end driveway material. Asphalt appears cheap and needs repair too frequently to be worth the cost, while gravel is much worse. The loose stones always seem to require raking and get scattered around. Concrete can look nicer than paver driveways, and save you money. 

A concrete driveway is essential if your house is in the mid to high price range. I only utilize tar or stones on a budget home because they’re easier to maintain. Pavers are also an excellent choice, but they have the disadvantage of attracting weeds and making the ground appear crowded. Concrete provides a more modern, cleaner look that can help you sell your home. 

If your home is in a Modern, Contemporary, or Transitional design style, concrete would be the greatest driveway material for you. If you want to add some pop to your project, several shapes and patterns are available. It is a highly adaptable driveway substance that thousands of homeowners in Tulsa have been using for years.

The versatility of Concrete Driveways

The flexibility of concrete is one of its most appealing features. This means that you can pick from a variety of designs and finishes. A grid pattern, textures, hues, stamps, and all sorts of borders and inlays are available. Some designs are made from slabs of concrete with grass sections in between. It’s a beautiful look that is not done with any other type of material. This is called modern permeable slab.

Concrete driveways are a fantastic option for any house. You may choose from a variety of designs to suit your needs. Concrete driveways look excellent on both traditional and contemporary houses.


A driveway is an important piece of a house’s curb appeal. Many people are unaware that if you work in real estate or the remodeling sector, then you are fully aware of how crucial a beautiful driveway is. Every motorist passing by the property will see it, as well as anybody who may park there. A concrete driveway certainly improves the first impression.

Concrete has a clean and modern aesthetic. Because it may be customized to match any style, it is one of the most adaptable driveway materials available. It’s actually one of the most flexible driveway construction materials out there. It’s beautiful when you add some mulch and greenery around the area. If you do the same with pavers, it can be confusing to the eye. With asphalt it brings unwanted darkness to your home’s facade.

There are also a variety of ways to make concrete more appealing. You may use a variety of colors, textures, and ornamental coatings to create a concrete driveway that stands out. Adding these personalized features to your home’s exterior can provide it even more distinction and personality. A simple driveway can look so clean and modern, which are all things concrete provides.

Easy Maintenance

Concrete driveways may cost a bit more upfront, but they last far longer and require considerably less upkeep. Concrete driveways can easily last 50 years or more without cracking. The quality of the installation and the foundation are key factors. If you pour your mix on a solid, flat surface and build your driveway base properly, it will endure

You need to make sure that your driveway is thick and made of high-quality concrete. If the driveway isn’t made well, it might crack. This is often because the sub base wasn’t done correctly or the mixture quality was poor.

Concrete driveways are practically maintenance-free, although they need to be cleaned and sealed regularly. Once in a while, a good cleaning will keep them looking new. They won’t get harmed if they’re dirty, so this is only for the sake of appearance.

Applying a good sealer will add an extra layer of protection. Sealers should be applied at least once a year.

Concrete Driveway Cost

A 4 inch concrete driveway laid over a compacted 6 inch gravel base by a professional mason will set you back between $8 and $10 per square foot in Tulsa. The national average is about $7 per square foot, implying that the cost of a 20′ x 40′ driveway is around $5600. Keep in mind that the overall expense will vary depending on the design and shape of the driveway. Relief cuts are also required, which prevents fractures. The price varies depending on where and how many you have.

There are other things to consider when getting a concrete driveway. The thickness of the slab is important. We recommend 4 to 6 inches. We add wire mesh and rebar to help make the slab stronger. Another thing you can do is add additives to the mixture, like fiber which will make it stronger and also give it a better texture. The cost of an intricate concrete driveway can easily be over $35 per square foot.

If your home needs demolition or excavation work, the cost will be higher. Keep in mind that many people choose to have a simple concrete border. If you want your order to be stronger, we recommend having an edge that is at least 8 inches thick. This will help prevent fractures and cracks from developing.

Heated Concrete Driveway for Winter

Concrete can be heated efficiently and will keep your driveway warm. It does this by using radiant floor heating, which is a method that uses heat to warm things up. Under the driveway’s surface, there are hot water tubes and an anti-freeze solution or electric coils. The hot water is circulated through the tubes when it gets cold enough, or the electricity is sent into the coils to produce heat. 

The surface is heated as a result of the hot air rising. The primary goal of heated concrete driveways is snow and ice removal. We all spent numerous hours removing snow from our driveway in Tulsa during the winter months. If you have a heated concrete driveway, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Shoveling your driveway after every snowfall is a lot of hard labor. It might result in harm, and distributing salt is also time-consuming. Additionally, black ice can be a problem. Snow melting systems work by heating the surface from beneath, preventing snow and ice from bonding to it.

Other driveway materials can work with a heating system, but concrete is the most effective. Concrete is a solid slab that will warm without gaps or voids. This makes it superb for melting snow and ice.

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